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All characters who are currently on the island will hear this once, at whichever time is most convenient. Those sleeping will hear it in their dreams; anyone in a dangerous situation will hear it when they are safe again. You don't need to copy it out in your post, though you can if you want to.

"Greetings, strangers, and welcome to Nebula Heights. My name is Phasma. Thank you to those who discovered my temple; in locating the Awakening orb, you have taken the first step towards revitalising this world. Your purpose is as yet unknown to you, but you would do well to continue making life force tributes at this altar. It is your choice whether or not to trust me. Until I regain the energy that has faded over the years, and my powers over this world reawaken, I will remain dormant. Good luck to you."

Toby, the cloth golem

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Toby, the cloth golem

Post  Authenti on Fri 28 May 2010, 6:05 pm


Name: Toby (no last name)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Unknown, presumed heterosexual

Although usually humanoid in form, Toby is in fact a 'cloth golem' - a sentient being made from assorted fabrics, held together by magical energy. The different types and colours of material that Toby was made from blend into each other quite subtly, but the fact that he is not human is emphasised by the way his 'clothes' are stitched together without any breaks; even in his sleeves, there is no visible limb inside the end - the same goes for his legs.
Toby has the ability to change forms (see the Rethreading ability below), but his favoured form is a rough replica of a human, as I've described. His eyes and mouth are stitched on in black thread, but due to the speed at which he can rearrange said threads, he is as expressive as anyone, and has learned to avoid unsettling people by moving his 'mouth' when he speaks.
His hair is in fact a solid part of the rest of his body, as is his scarf. This scarf is often manipulated much like an extra limb, and can even be used as a seat.
On the other hand, taking less complex forms (e.g. an everyday piece of clothing or a towel) makes him feel somewhat degraded, but if there is really a necessity, he will do as asked.

Toby is fairly calm-minded and quiet most of the time. He's level-headed, too, and although some may call it 'cold and calculating', he thinks with a purpose and doesn't tend to let his mind wander. Toby would prefer to keep to himself, but due to his need for life energy, he has to venture forth and socialise if he doesn't want to collapse.
Due to his magically-created nature, he doesn't know much about the more complex issues of life such as friendship or theory of mind, but he learns quickly. He will learn everyone's personality on a case-by-case basis, because he has previously found that it is impossible to generalise one person's reaction to something to how 'most' people would react to the same thing.
He also tends to attract small animals, mainly because he can sit perfectly still for hours on end and not frighten them off.

Friendship Difficulty: Medium. Toby is well aware that he doesn't know enough about the world to consider himself well-educated on how he is supposed to act in most situations, making him awkward to get along with, but he doesn't have any misgivings about companionship. He is, however, extremely self-conscious and concerned about standing out too much, which partly explains why his favoured form is a humanoid.

Romance: Toby has no idea about romance. Most people are aware that it's probably best not to try, but on the off chance someone does fall for him, it will take a long time to get the concept through to him clearly enough that he will understand. Fortunately, he won't need The Talk about biology, but he will probably be asking a lot of questions about what the word 'love' means.

Rethreading: This is vital to Toby's general movement, and is also used for changing shape. His entire being is made up of tiny fibres, which he can manipulate and rearrange according to what is most practical at the time. This is why impact damage generally doesn't happen to him; on the other hand, if any of these fibres are actually severed, that's when it causes him to feel pain. He cannot fix himself magically, so he must often rely on a traditional needle and thread if someone tries to cut him. After sewing up a problem area, it will 'heal' on its own.
Energy Absorption: By absorbing excess or discarded life energy from other living beings, such as plants or animals, he stays alive. The effect is a lot more enhanced when around sentient beings who can feel emotion, however; happiness and more positive energy gives him more to work with. The reason he must rely on the latter is because plants and animals with no emotions give off far less excess energy. It's a chore to even stay alive if he's only been able to absorb from non-sentient beings for more than a day.
Note: Toby cannot absorb energy from other characters. He merely soaks up the excess energy, much like a heat sink.

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