Welcome to ToNH! We're a timeless, boundless roleplay based on a fictional hovering island named Nebula Heights, and we're always looking for new members to expand on the possibilities. ToNH's main plot is sketchy as best - because you are the explorers that will make the plot what it is. The more you explore and have your character interact with the environment, the more likely you'll set the ball rolling on another subplot...

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All characters who are currently on the island will hear this once, at whichever time is most convenient. Those sleeping will hear it in their dreams; anyone in a dangerous situation will hear it when they are safe again. You don't need to copy it out in your post, though you can if you want to.

"Greetings, strangers, and welcome to Nebula Heights. My name is Phasma. Thank you to those who discovered my temple; in locating the Awakening orb, you have taken the first step towards revitalising this world. Your purpose is as yet unknown to you, but you would do well to continue making life force tributes at this altar. It is your choice whether or not to trust me. Until I regain the energy that has faded over the years, and my powers over this world reawaken, I will remain dormant. Good luck to you."

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Post  sos admi on Sun 30 May 2010, 2:35 am

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SELL OUR SOULS - a unique shifter RPG

    "Listen you kids, you have no idea how things used to be" an old Woman started as some kids passed by on the street. she had short curly white hair and a flowery smell about her. The group of boys stopped and turned to her. one came forward into her face and mocked her
    "so what, your saying we aren't better than humans?" she raised her hand and with lightning fast reflexes stuck the teenage boy across the cheek.
    The boy staggered back as he gingerly touched the red mark forming on his face.
    "a Human gave you your gifts." she stated in a rude voice, her body was tense as she looked at them with bright green eyes through thick framed glasses. "They made your gifts, i do not think it wise to talk badly about them in the manner you just were."
    Before the boys had another chance to say anything the old woman shifted into her form, a little white house cat.
    The small feline looked at them with the same green eyes. And for the first times in the boys lives they began to realize that all they know wasnt how it used to be. Only a short time ago did their way of live become known. and one more, just one other thought crossed the boys minds as the turned to leave.
    "that was then and this is a new time, time of the shifter"
. . .

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