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All characters who are currently on the island will hear this once, at whichever time is most convenient. Those sleeping will hear it in their dreams; anyone in a dangerous situation will hear it when they are safe again. You don't need to copy it out in your post, though you can if you want to.

"Greetings, strangers, and welcome to Nebula Heights. My name is Phasma. Thank you to those who discovered my temple; in locating the Awakening orb, you have taken the first step towards revitalising this world. Your purpose is as yet unknown to you, but you would do well to continue making life force tributes at this altar. It is your choice whether or not to trust me. Until I regain the energy that has faded over the years, and my powers over this world reawaken, I will remain dormant. Good luck to you."

Marvin Wesley

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Marvin Wesley

Post  Authenti on Sun 30 May 2010, 6:17 pm

Name: Marvin Wesley
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Tousled, messy chestnut-brown hair that flops over his forehead and partially hides his faded hazelnut-coloured eyes from view; faint stubble around his chin; a medium, average frame that appears smaller than it is due to his habit of walking with folded arms and a slight stoop. He wears a khaki-coloured shirt that's possibly slightly too large for him, considering that the sleeves reach to his elbows and the bottom of it would be almost to his thighs if it wasn't creased up around his waist; a pair of dark green cargo trousers cover the rest of him, ending where the hems are tucked into a pair of functional black boots.

Marvin, first and foremost, is a coward. He would much rather flee from his fears than face them, and the slightest surprise can make him jump due to how twitchy he is - especially now that he's so completely out of his element on this strange island.
He hates physical contact - a hand on his shoulder, a prod in the side, even getting within ten centimetres of him is likely to cause a massive flinch in the other direction. Still, despite this, his attempts at getting over his fear of other people sometimes leads to the making of a new friend or ally. He's actually kind of friendly once you get past the massive mental wall he's put up.
Marvin also hates his first name. When introducing himself, he will usually give his second name, though he admits that isn't much better. On the other hand, he responds well to nicknames; they make him feel like people are actually paying positive attention to him.
Although he seems subdued and quiet at first, if you somehow navigate the conversation towards something he's passionate about (say, exploration, or perhaps the supernatural) then it will stop being so one-sided and he will begin to actually contribute - sometimes, too much. Marvin could talk the hind legs off a donkey, given half the chance.

Friendship Difficulty: Hard. Marvin is terrified of people, and getting him to open up is a chore.

Romance: Hard. He's not against the idea, and he's not oblivious, but be finds it hard to believe that anyone would direct their affections towards him. And if it does happen, he'll assume the other person will grow to regret it, and attempt to discourage them accordingly. This, on top of his sociophobia, makes him near-impossible to get that close to. Not to mention his habit of clamming up and panicking around women...


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